COMPIN a history enriched by more than one hundred years of experience.

A small family business serving the Paris metro in 1903, COMPIN gradually became the French and then European leader in railway seats and, later, extended its skills and offered passenger comfort, including expertise in the whole environment of travelers: equipment accessories, tables, floors, hanging panels, lighting, toilets, etc.

Established in the city of Évreux in Normandy since 1953, COMPIN has developed a solid industrial base in Poland in Lodz, then in Bulgaria in Pernik, in order to strengthen its means of production and improve its economic competitiveness. In 2015, COMPIN invested in new technological and industrial means in Linares in Andalusia in order to expand its product ranges to structural floors and partitions.

Due to its history and its commercial successes, COMPIN has a strong historical clientele, particularly in France and Benelux.
COMPIN supports major European manufacturers, on their domestic or international markets, in the design and supply of seats and interior systems for passenger vehicles such as trains or city buses, as well as European and North African operators in the renovation of their rolling stock.

Since the beginning of 2015, COMPIN and FAINSA have been coordinating and optimizing their commercial and industrial activities within the Group in order to better serve their customers on a global scale.



FAINSA has been a family company since 1935, established upon its creation in Martorelles, in the northern periphery of Barcelona in Catalonia. The company joined the COMPIN Group in 2015.

With a strong capacity for innovation and exceptional adaptability since its origin, FAINSA, the owner of numerous patents, quickly became the world leader for road transport seating for coaches, intra-urban buses, ambulances, and other special road vehicles. FAINSA coach seats are used in Europe but have also benefited from production licensing agreements, which are in effect to this day, in China, India, North and South America, with prestigious and recognized partners which are leaders on their markets.

Since the 60’s, FAINSA has extended and adapted its expertise on seating to rail markets. Its experience of coach seats has allowed it to become an undeniable reference for railway product lines which are modular and easily adaptable to match the needs of the most demanding clients.
Due to its history and commercial success, FAINSA has a strong historic customer base particularly in Spain and in England.
FAINSA accompanies major European constructors, on their domestic or international markets, with the conception and the supply in railway, coach and urban bus seating, as well as European operators with their rolling stock renovations. Furthermore, FAINSA provides technical assistance to numerous licensees around the world.

Since the beginning of 2015, FAINSA and COMPIN have coordinated and optimized their commercial and industrial activities within the Group in order to better serve their clients on a global scale.



Although the Compin-Fainsa companies are strongly located in their respective regions, the Group Organization aims for greater convergence: Sales, Finance and Engineering teams work together globally. They share their working methods and processes while preserving their individual strengths on a local or international scale.

The Group's Process and standards have been combined. The management rules are the same; KPIs, goals and results are shared monthly between teams and local facilities.

Such an organization allows for competitive growth and customers can see it every day. Every project feedback is best used to be shared and provide the best technical and logistical solutions to our customers. Regardless of the product, our main goal is to provide an exceptional quality of service.

Global reach

We continue to offer solutions to our customers around the world from our new location in Bursa Hasanağa Organized Industrial Zone, where we moved in 2021.

Dünyaya Ulaşan Konfor Ağınız
Firm Steps Towards Future

As an integrated provider of products and service solutions. We aim to be the European Leader of Railways and bus seats in expanding to World-wide markets and in offering value-added interiors soutions to the Public Transportation costumers.


Enhance the comfort of passengers’ journey.

Design expertise-based products and services through safety, quality and innovation.

Achieve profitable and sustainable growth.

Continue to develop our Employee Engagement with Costumers and Shareholders


We aim to produce at the first time right strong design, safe and comfortable seats for the commercial vehicle industry by evaluating the expectations of the interested parties, primarily our customers. The capability of our design, the development of our suppliers, employees and the effectiveness of our processes, which are the key points in order to match this purpose, are managed in the basis of continuous improvement approach.



Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Field of Activity: Production of commercial vehicle passenger seats.

Scope: Design, production and sales activities of the passenger seats for commercial ehicles


  • Responding to all the needs and expectations of our customers,
  • Working in cooperation with our suppliers and supporting their development,
  • We are on our way to become a leading company in our sector by working in harmony with our collaborators and business partners.

In this context, with reference to TS EN ISO 9001:2015 QMS, the Quality Management System has been established and the necessary conditions have been provided for the system to operate in a healthy way. These systems cover Commercial Vehicle Passenger Seat production activities, the parties involved in this activity, internal and external issues, and employees, suppliers, visitors and other business environment factors within the same scope.

Recognized, efficient production and after sales level
Recognized, efficient production and after sales level
We produce for our customers spread over six continents, and we provide them with continuous support with our wide technical service network.
4.000m² of production space
4.000m² of production space
We are producing in our 4.000m2 new factory which has a very well established infrastructure and equipment inventory.
105% Capacity increase
105% Capacity increase
105% capacity increase between 2020-2022.
Experience from a long established Group
Experience from a long established Group
As part of the COMPIN FAINSA group, which has a history of nearly 100 years, we understand the needs very well.
Competent team
Competent team
Highly competent and dynamic team of experts
Birth of Özyıldız
Birth of Özyıldız
Özyıldız has been established in 1987.
Started to develop our own designs
Started to develop our own designs
Early 1990's, we have started to develop our own designs.
Export market becomes the main portfolio
Export market becomes the main portfolio
With the effective market research and right products, new export markets have been opened.
We are a part of COMPIN-FAINSA Group!
We are a part of COMPIN-FAINSA Group!
In 2019, COMPIN-FAINSA Group has acquired large portion of shares in Özyıldız and we have became partners.
We have moved to our new factory!
We have moved to our new factory!
We have moved to our new factory, which is located in Hasanaga Industrial zone in Bursa!